1st/2nd October 2020

voco St. John’s, Solihull

Partners In Change

We all know that there has been an increased and much needed renewed focus on engagement across the sector.

We all know too that new regulation is on its way for social housing.

All of this will have massive implications for landlords on how they engage and involve residents, particularly for key issues like building safety.

Involved residents, many already with a well-established role within their organisation, will be at the forefront for shaping the response to these changes alongside their landlord.

The Tpas National Tenants Conference is the flagship event for involved tenants who need to know about the details, and the long term implications, of the new direction in housing policy.

The conference is also the place for the very best practice in engagement across England today.

Our diverse programme covers complaints, governance, scrutiny, policy direction, community engagement and everything in between to ensure delegates return to their role fully equipped and inspired with the latest policy, practice and case studies.

If we want change, we have to deliver it together, as partners.

Keynote Speaker

Housing Ombudsman – Richard Blakeway

Richard was appointed as Housing Ombudsman from 1 September 2019. He has extensive experience in the housing sector, with previous roles including Deputy Mayor of London for Housing, chair of the Homes for London board and non-executive director of Homes England. During his eight years at the Greater London Authority, Richard was responsible for a major investment programme, overseeing the delivery of 100,000 affordable homes and regeneration plans for 670 hectares of land owned by the authority.

Richard led the creation of the first team at City Hall to address rough sleeping, commissioning around £10 million of services each year, as well as the first Social Impact Bond on homelessness.  

Delegates will:

Discover the latest policies that are being launched by Government that will affect housing legislation.

Examine practical solutions being used to solve common tenant engagement problems.

Explore new ways digital technology is enabling tenants to have greater influence in the way services are delivered by their landlord organisation.

Connect with like-minded tenants across the country

This conference is designed for:

All tenants and residents, and anyone who takes an active role in their landlord or wider community.