5 Reasons To Attend The TPAS Conference

Let’s face it, being involved in tenant involvement is a hard task right now. You need to be strong, focused and motivated. There’s massive pressure on us all to deliver ‘value for money’ and to be ‘effective’ and to ‘share our skills’ when we’re all leading busy lives just getting on with the basics. In response to this, and the new political era, the TPAS conference is themed as ‘Our Time Is Now’.

And the reason? Well Our time is now to seize our own way for the future, learn new skills to do this and be in charge of our own plans in our organisations and communities.

So here are five brilliant reasons why you should attend our annual conference. We’re over 75% full so book on now to join us in July!

  1. Transform the way you do things by learning from the best.

For the past two and a half decades we’ve been championing co-regulation, shaping and influencing policy, developing new approaches like tenant-led scrutiny, and enabling great partnerships between tenants and landlords. We’ve designed each workshop and keynote session to focus on the national issues that matter to tenants right now, whilst giving local examples of how communities are dealing with change.

  1. Listen to real life ‘experts’ speak about real-world projects and outcomes.

Theory is great…in theory. But those of us on the ground at the forefront know that transforming theory into action and impact isn’t always a straightforward process. At the TPAS conference you’ll be listening to recognised award winning leaders in the field of tenant involvement who are facing up to the challenges and showing the value of involvement in partnership as tenant and landlord. They’re there to show you how to take on the same strategies and turn them into success and impact in your own neighbourhoods.

  1. Learn what it really means to be engaged in good governance.

Scrutiny using good governance structures and processes can deliver service improvements for tenants which are good for business and always resident led. Our speakers will talk about how governance can enable residents to scrutinise at a local and corporate level and influence decision making to form good working relationships with the board, partners and staff.

  1. Stay ahead of the curve.

Can you believe that Twitter is only seven years old? The Kindle is less than six years old? And the iPad is only four years old? New technology has rapidly transformed the way we engage and involve one another in a matter of years. As we move to a world that assumes everyone has access to the internet and knows how to use it, how do we ensure that people are not left out of the “brave new world”. We make the most of using digital technology throughout our conference and we’re there to prove its value and introduce you to those that use it daily for innovative involvement.

  1. Get your questions answered in the largest single gathering of tenants.

We’ll bring together tenant leaders, champions and senior managers from our award winning organisations. Our aim is you’ll come away with the contacts, tools, skills and inspiration to create better tenant involvement opportunities for your organisation.

Oh…and we’ll have lots of fun along the way too.  Let’s never forget the importance of that!


Fulfill all these reasons and more by joining us at the conference in July!