Real Life Reform

This year we’ve invited the team behind the Real Life Reform report to kick off day two of the conference by talking to us about the real voice of people affected by and responding to welfare reforms.

REAL LIFE REFORM has been tracking the impact of welfare reforms on up to 100 social housing tenants across the North. In the last two years; the results have been shared widely and used to raise awareness of the real impact a number of changes have had on many tenants, their families and support networks.

Further planned cuts of £12billion to welfare spending have been widely publicised. This session will look at the impact of welfare reforms so far and hot off the press from the Budget announcements on 8th July engage delegates in the debate about “what next”?

Real Life Reform has been about getting the voice of social tenants heard; and busting the myths associated with people on benefits by sharing real evidence and experiences. This session will be a great opportunity to get your voices heard; to consider how you can be heard more in your community and with your landlord; to share your views on the next phase of welfare reforms or cuts AND to help shape the next phase of Real Life Reform 2.

Expect this to be a lively debate; something to really wake you up and get you talking first thing in the morning on the second day of the conference!