“like Glastonbury the TPAS Conference is legendary”

Ahead of our conference we’ve asked one of our workshop facilitators to share why they’re excited about the TPAS annual conference.

“For me being asked to lead a workshop at a TPAS Conference must feel a little bit like a musician being asked to gig at Glastonbury because like Glastonbury the TPAS Conference is legendary, it’s the one everyone looks forward to and the one we all remember too! So being here is a real privilege and I am looking forward to meeting everyone and celebrating all that is great about tenant empowerment over the next few days. And there is certainly a lot to celebrate! Whether it’s the success of scrutiny panels improving services, or local Tenants Associations improving their local communities, or maybe one of the many other ways that tenants are making a difference, there really is a lot to be positive about and this year’s Conference theme “Our time is now” captures this perfectly!


But while this success is great, it does sometimes means even greater demands are placed on tenants’ time making it difficult to fit everything in. Hopefully my workshop will change this! It’s about managing your time better and getting some top tips and skills to put you in control of your time so you can fit in the things that matter. So if you are coming along my workshop I look forward to seeing you there, if not I am sure I’ll see you around anyway so do say hello and have a chat”.


Louise Thompson, TPAS associate