Tenant Satisfaction, our journey continues

Here at WDH, we are eagerly awaiting the results of our most recent tenant satisfaction survey. Carried out twice a year, our survey first asks customers what aspects of our service are most important to them and then how satisfied they are with those aspects. In between surveys, we work hard to make sure that the issues raised by our tenants are actioned.


In years gone by, we carried out a postal satisfaction survey of a sample of our tenants using standardised questions that were set for housing providers at a national level. For the last two years, we have changed the way in which we engage with our tenants to get feedback on our services by delivering an approach we call ‘doing best what matters most’. That is, focussing on the issues that our tenants have told us are important to them, rather than just the issues that are important to us as an organisation.


Our tenant satisfaction survey is now carried out over the telephone so we can engage in discussion with our tenants if they are unhappy with any aspect of our service.


We know that engaged, happy employees can, in turn, improve customer satisfaction and so our employee satisfaction work and appraisal process now mirrors the priorities from our tenant satisfaction work.


We are also keen to learn from the commercial sector, so that we can deliver a level of customer service that rivals major players such as Amazon and John Lewis and to achieve this, we now benchmark both our tenant and employee surveys beyond the housing sector.


We are looking forward to delivering our workshop at the Tpas national tenant conference, and are excited not only to share our journey with you but also learn from and generate ideas to take back to all of our organisations.