Workshops B

Session B – Day One – 12 July 2017 (15:15 – 16:30)

B1) Debate: Will Social Housing Tenants Ever Get Fair Press?
Why is there such a poor public view of social housing tenants and communities? Is it the fault of the media? of landlords? Of politicians? Of housing policy? What can landlords and tenants start doing, or stop doing, to help turn the tide of negativity against our sector. Discuss and debate if we will ever be able to address the housing crisis until we change the general public’s view of what it means to live in social housing.

B2) Getting the Knowledge – Sam Goodwin – Tpas
Are you new to involvement or have got more actively involved recently? This session will guide you through the context and good practice of tenant and community engagement. Understand how you, through your volunteering, can with an effective approach help your landlord to be a successful and efficient organisation.

B3) Fully Booked 

B4)Community Led Engagement; It works! – Sarah Thomas – Phoenix
Phoenix Community Housing delivers engagement that empowers tenants, staff and the wider community. Hear about their tenants training academy, their place based approach to getting everyone involved and how tenants at Phoenix are developing their own social media voices to get their views heard. Guaranteed to inspire.

B5) Helping Communities be Financially Smart – Jean Fletcher – Wates Living Space
Wates, England Illegal Money Lending Team and Birmingham City Council are working together to ensure residents are financially smart. They are working with the City’s Financial Inclusion Partnership which seeks to ensure that residents have access to affordable credit and avoid loan sharks. The England Illegal Money Lending Team will be joining Wates at the work shop to have an input on how loan sharks impact on estates and how Wates are helping the team in the fight back against these predators.

B6) Communities are Doing it for Themselves – Emma and Gill – Tpas
More than ever Communities have the power and opportunities to shape the key decisions that affect them. From setting up community interest companies to influencing new developments and community ownership of key assets. Learn more about what’s possible and how you can lead in your community.

B7) Fully Booked