Workshops C

Sessoion C – Day Two – 13 July 2017 (11:15 – 12:30)

C1) Debate: What Makes a Great Community?
What do communities need to be effective and successful? How much is down to the houses, the environment or the people who live there? In these times of public service cutbacks and regeneration schemes lets discuss what role landlords and residents are able to play in meeting the needs of communities. What’s realistic and how do we ensure resilient and sustainable communities for the future?

C2) Fully Booked 

C3) Getting the Knowledge – Sam Goodwin – Tpas
Are you new to involvement or have got more actively involved recently? This session will guide you through the context and good practice of tenant and community engagement. Understand how you, through your volunteering, can with an effective approach help your landlord to be a successful and efficient organisation.

C4 – Fully Booked 

C5 – Fully Booked 

C6) Motivation and Engagement in Supported Housing. – Matthew Pickering – New Roots
Join staff and involved young people from New Roots Housing Project as we explore how flexible opportunities for engagement make for real feedback, fresh ideas, and a shared community of staff, volunteers and service users.

C7) Action Planning for Success – Raj Kumar – Tpas
A practical workshop looking at how to help you to turn the talk, the moans and recurring issues into a usable plan to move a group forward for success.