Workshops D

Session D – Day Two – 13 July 2017 (13:45 – 15:00)

D1) Debate: Engagement in the future: Is it All About Digital?
Engagement is changing at pace and digital is an important part of that change. What benefits does going digital bring? And what are the pitfalls and problems to avoid or overcome? How do we work together as residents and landlords to ensure we leave no one behind in accessing services in different ways in the future? Lets discuss the future shape of engagement – what’s going to work in your organisation?

D2) Linking Customer Insight with Effective Engagement – Val Alker – Tpas
Is customer insight the new tenant involvement? We think not but it can certainly make tenant involvement stronger and more effective. Find out why and how housing organisations carry out customer research and collect data and how you can use it confidently in your role.

D3) Skills for Scrutiny – Louise Thompson – Tpas
Discuss what makes tenant scrutiny effective for you and your organisation and explore what works for others. Take back tips and approaches to improve your skills for scrutiny and the outcomes for your organisation.

D4) Fully Booked 

D5) Regeneration. A Real Life Perspective – Denise Barnes and Warren Lubin – Carpenters Residents Group
Estate regeneration is high on the agenda. Understand the issues from all perspectives. Hear about Carpenters Estate, a diverse community in Newham, affected by the Olympic Village development where Tpas are Independent Tenant Advisers. hear how this experience can help you to work positively with communities facing major change.

D6) Tenants and Contractors: Delivering More Together – Matt Williams – Mears
Mears lead the way in creating social value in the markets in which they work through positive community engagement projects. Hear about the diverse range of projects they deliver and see what could be possible for you bring to your communities through the relationship with your contractors.

D7) It’s people Who Make Communities – Peter LeFort – The Big Lunch
The Big Lunch is a fantastic way of engaging with communities. Hear from Peter on the work they have done in engaging communities, in particular to tackle growing issues of loneliness and social isolation and ways of measuring the impact of the work that volunteers contribute in their area.